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Exciting Updates and Innovations at OneSC

Achieving GAMP certification was an enormous win for us, proving that OneSC’s dedication to quality, compliance and reliability was on par with the big leagues of the pharmaceutical industry. This is just the start… this year, we are launching our re-branded OneSC platform and, in parallel, developing creative solutions that will add real value to the pharmaceutical supply chains and quality operations. Read on to see what we are up to…

Streamlining Operations

One of our many recent updates is the introduction of 3 new main features that work in sync with each other – Batch Release Planner, KPI Reporting and Task Management. These updates enable a significant leap forward in optimising resource allocation for CMOs and supply chain partners.

KPI reporting provides a comprehensive view of key metrics in real-time that can enhance supply chain partners’ decision-making through data-driven insights. Through proactively searching for opportunities of improvement, enabling an environment of continuous growth in efficiency.

With Task management, supply chains using the OneSC platform can now efficiently monitor and manage the status of hundreds of batches, ensuring streamlined workflows, preventing delays, and promoting better productivity.

Quality-bot: Elevating Quality Review with AI

Another groundbreaking update is the creation of Quality-Bot, an AI-powered feature designed for quality review within the OneSC platform. Leveraging advanced algorithms, Quality-Bot conducts comprehensive quality assessments, ensuring adherence to standards and identifying areas for improvement. This AI innovation streamlines the review process, empowering businesses to deliver higher-quality outputs consistently.

Innovating With The Professionals

We drive our innovation through design thinking practices – having spoken to numerous quality and supply chain professionals, it is clear that there are many exciting developments occurring in this space. We are in the process of forming an active user group to discuss and reflect on topics such as AI in Quality to Digital Twins to process automation. Please drop us line if you are interested.

Accelerators and Startup Journey

Acknowledging the importance of new startup programs, OneSC managed to apply to the Microsoft Startup Program successfully. OneSC’s selection within the Microsoft Startup Program stands as a significant milestone in our journey. This recognition not only validates our dedication to innovation but also opens doors to invaluable resources, guidance and a robust network of pharmaceutical supply chain industry experts.

Being part of the Mayor of London’s Grow London and UKRI Investability Program, helped us refine our proposition and practice our pitch to potential clients, using pitch decks encapsulating the company’s vision, industry achievements, GAMP certification. The drive now is to secure investors to take us to the next stage of growth.

Officially in London

We now actually have an office and a central London presence! Ready to welcome customers and partners. Check out our new website and drop us line!

OneSC Limited, 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. +44 (0) 20 7097 5779

The Road Ahead for OneSC

Our focus this year is to create efficiencies for pharmaceutical companies and supply chain partners through technology. For our customers the platform will enable them to adapt to the dynamic needs of this industry and increase profitability in a sustainable way.

If you want to be part of the journey then do get in touch, we love to chat about innovations in this industry and understand the challenges that hamper your role and business.

Stay tuned to know more.

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