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Suite of Supporting Services



OneSC provides tailored consulting for SMEs to capitalise on new and upcoming opportunities. We design customised strategies that align with your company’s requirements & budget, and ensure the solutions provided are not only effective but also feasible for implementation.



GAMP validation is a crucial process for ensuring the quality, reliability and compliance of Pharmaceutical SaaS platforms. As the OneSC platform has been GAMP validated, we can assist you through the process to ensure you meet regulatory and compliance requirements.



We provide all the training required for your team to get the most out of the OneSC platform by facilitating your own business processes. We also provide training and guidance to ensure the system is GAMP validated according to your specific needs and requirements.



Our goal is to always deliver a reliable and partner-centric software support experience. We ensure our support team provides feasible solutions that solve the issue at hand. Eliminate escalations and incidents, and troubleshooting issues can be resolved in real-time by our support team. 

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