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OneSC Attends MSDUK 2024

The MSDUK 2024 event wasn’t just another conference, it was a powerful testament to the impact of supplier diversity. As the founder of OneSC, and as an ethnic minority business owner (EMB), I left feeling truly empowered and inspired by the sheer scale of opportunities.

MSDUK 2024 excels at building a thriving community. This flagship event brought together their entire network – corporations, partners and entrepreneurs – under one roof. It was incredible to be part of such a vibrant ecosystem, buzzing with the potential for collaboration and growth.

The highlight for me was undoubtedly the chance to pitch directly to industry giants like GSK and BMS. These are opportunities that, as an EMB, are incredibly rare to come by through traditional channels. The fact that BMS, a company deeply committed to supplier diversity and achieving its inclusion and diversity goals and health equity commitments, reached this $1 billion milestone ahead of schedule speaks volumes about their dedication.

The event provided the perfect setting to network with fellow entrepreneurs, share experiences and forge valuable partnerships.

My team and I understand the importance of supplier diversity in today’s business landscape. Despite representing a significant portion of UK businesses, EMBs still face a disproportionate struggle to access corporate spending. This exclusion not only perpetuates economic inequality but also deprives corporations of the innovation and fresh perspectives that diverse suppliers bring. MSDUK is actively breaking down these barriers. By connecting EMBs with corporations actively seeking diverse suppliers, they are fostering a more inclusive and prosperous economy.

A huge thank you to MSDUK for organising such an impactful event, to all the attendees who contributed to the vibrant atmosphere, and to the partners whose commitment makes this possible. We at OneSC are incredibly excited about the connections made and look forward to nurturing these relationships to build a more diverse and innovative future.

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