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Licence Holders

Licence Holders (Marketing Authority Holders) grapple with multifaceted challenges, including the need for stringent quality control, evolving compliance regulations, and the persistent pressure of managing supply chain partners and their respective operations.

OneSC empowers Licence Holders to make data-driven decisions and efficiently navigate the complex pharma landscape while ensuring data integrity, product quality and patient safety.

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Leverage the power of a centralised platform to reinforce uninterrupted digital processes

Marketing Authority (MA) Holders face challenges in achieving interoperability between digital systems used by supply chain partners which results in operational delays arising from data exchange issues and compatibility problems.

OneSC acts as a single source of truth, connecting various systems to create a cohesive data centric platform that evolves with the MA Holders requirements. Our SaaS platform can adapt changes in data flow by supporting in the addition of new complex systems.

Eliminate costly errors and effectively manage supply chain operations across the network

MA Holders struggle to maintain traceability of digital data causing operational inefficiencies, data inaccuracies and failure to meet regulatory compliance. 

OneSC offers comprehensive traceability solutions by streamlining product tracking, employing robust data version control for digital assets and enabling immediate responsiveness to resolving disruptions.

Secure regulatory compliance through our GAMP validated SaaS platform

MA Holders encounter significant obstacles during audits and inspections; the absence of comprehensive data digitisation and management is an enormous deficiency as it can spark high resource expenditure, reputational damage and compliance risks.

GAMP validated OneSC makes it easier for MA Holders to pass regulatory procedures as our centralised repository and change control system is designed to facilitate, record and maintain revisions related to the integrity and security of various supply chain processes and digital records.

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automated Processes


Enhanced Actionable Insights


Reduced recall costs

Streamline your Pharma supply chain operations

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