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Creation of OneSC

In our ever-evolving journey of OneSC, we pick up from March 2023, a pivotal moment for us as we established the business entity and operational infrastructure, conquering domain challenges.

March is a month we will all remember… We had an internal debate on the company name and settled on OneSC, standing for One Supply Chain. Slight hiccup that needed to be overcome, in that someone was domain-sitting on the url we wanted which we negotiated in our favour.

Our team initiated the development, design and launch of the OneSC Product website. The development of the secondary packager reached completion which was a significant achievement in our project timeline. However, we also faced unexpected challenges as we embarked on the process of refactoring the entire front-end of the platform to enhance delivery speed.

The Main Challenge

In April, our team found itself facing a critical challenge: a need for a complete overhaul of our task management system. It was imperative that this solution seamlessly integrate into our existing operations and remained adaptable for future enhancements or disconnections. Simultaneously, we were addressing the numerous bugs identified during testing. Though we encountered some setbacks with rejections in the Operational Qualification phase, progress was steady and we were determined to meet our timeline.

We achieved a significant milestone by qualifying for the Microsoft Startup program and securing entry into the AWS Activate startup program. Our focus shifted to selecting an offshore development partner to bolster our platform’s resilience and scalability. We began research to identify new features and unique selling points for our platform, emphasising the importance of creating onboarding materials and standard operating procedures for system usage. In addition, we initiated product release planning and prepared a task management system for batch operations on the platform.

Amazon AWS Activate Startup Programme
Microsoft for Startups Logo

In July, our journey continued to gain momentum with a series of significant achievements. We secured a place in the prestigious Mayor of London’s Grow London program, a testament to our commitment to innovation and growth as well as securing a place in the Department of Science and Innovation Tech Showcase scheduled for 2024. Our team worked on selecting partners to help us boost our platform’s scalability and initiated the onboarding process to further strengthen our network.

In parallel, we embarked on a journey to enhance our stock management system, conducting a proof of concept creation and exploratory analysis to develop a feature capable of providing stock level reporting and order planning across markets.

Grow London Logo - Programme by Mayor of London

Climbing The Ladder

Our OneSC business development efforts were in full swing, as we created investor materials, customer acquisition resources and established a strong online presence through websites and social media platforms.

Despite minor issues identified in the Performance Qualification tests, all of which could be swiftly addressed, it still set us back on our timeline for official GAMP compliance.

As we transitioned into August, our team took a moment for both social bonding and strategic planning. We engaged in a productive brainstorming session, outlining a roadmap for the next three months to guide our efforts. We were on track with our R&D Tax credit grant application, with final preparations underway.

Within our OneSC platform, continued progress started to reflect as the Performance Qualification was finally signed. We also conducted a workshop to gather valuable feedback on the task management feature prototype. Notably, we expanded our system’s capabilities to include event monitoring, allowing for automated actions based on user experiences, improving OneSC’s functionality.

As we continue to move forward, we remain committed to innovation, scalability and creating a platform that truly stands out in the market.

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