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Contract Development Manufacturing Organisations (CDMO) encounter persistent hurdles in establishing efficient communication and adhering to contractual commitments which demand a more adept management approach.

OneSC ensures seamless collaboration, real-time tracking of responsibilities, and precise service level adherence for pharmaceutical supply chain excellence. The platform also offers key insights facilitating data-driven decisions, striking a balance between cost-saving measures and upholding stringent product quality standards.

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Drive success in pharmaceutical supply chains through efficient collaboration

CDMOs in the pharmaceutical sector encounter endless challenges related to subpar communication and collaboration with other supply chain partners, resulting in various operational and quality-related issues, while also affecting their competitive edge and opportunities.

With a user-friendly UI, OneSC enables real-time interactions eliminating operational delays, enhancing quality control, ensuring compliance, and subsequently expediting release-to-market processes. 

Harness the benefits of digitisation, placing security and compliance at the heart of data sharing

CDMOs struggle with data sharing, security, and digital document integration leading to hampering data confidentiality, operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and presenting high compliance risks.

OneSC simplifies secure data sharing, offering a centralised repository for all digital records. CDMOs can enjoy the benefits of heightened data protection, robust compliance, and peace of mind, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential, and operations run efficiently with no data integrity risks. 

Achieve increased operational efficiency, better client satisfaction and strengthened partnerships

CDMOs confront substantial challenges in meeting contractual agreements such as Service Level Agreements (SLA); these stem from the intricacies of coordinating with multiple Marketing Authority Holders, each with distinct requirements and timelines, making it a complex endeavour to consistently achieve SLAs efficiently.

OneSC streamlines SLA and task management, providing CDMOs with an efficient way to track contractual obligations and ensure timely commitments are consistently met; in addition to providing CDMOs with the necessary tools to coordinate with MA Holders.

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Increased Cost Savings


Optimised Operations


Improved Regulatory Compliance

Streamline your Pharma supply chain operations

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